Sharing God's Love
and the Hope of Eternal Life.

Faith-Based Inspiration in this Life for the Next!

We believe that true inspiration comes from the Word of God and that life is better when lived with an eternal perspective.

Whatever you're training for, we hope you'll be inspired to live with an eternal focus and share the hope of eternal life with someone who needs it.
Share your faith wherever you are.
train 4 eternity
Shop by design

Training 4 Eternity designs are inspired from God's Word for the purpose of
encouraging people to live this life with an eternal perspective.

Warrior Armor Up
Hawaiian Warrior
Spirit Filled Saint
Save the Humans
He is The Way (Star Wars)
He is the Way (Sasquatch)
He is the Way (White Alien)
He is the Way (Green Alien)
Eternal Life
Life Sucks Without Hope
Glory is Eternal
He Makes All Things New
Straight Into Freedom
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